Izzy B. Makes a Pizza PDF

Title Izzy B. Makes a Pizza
Author J. J. Patrone Emily Ashmore
Publisher Archway Publishing
Category Children's
Released Date 2019-03-27
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 31
Total Downloads 11
Total Views 111
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What is your favorite food? If you're like most kids, it's probably pizza of some kind. As much fun as it is to eat, imagine how much fun you could have making it! Especially in your family's pizzeria.

Author J. J. Patrone's Izzy B. Makes a Pizza is based on his daughter and her experience in his pizzeria. She's like most kids and loves everything about pizza --including learning to make it. She has lots of fun making pizza and sharing it with her friends. And she also learns how important it is to thank God for what she has.

Pizza means fun! So come, have some fun, and make a pizza with Izzy B....


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