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Title I Witness
Author Paul J. Williams
Publisher Xlibris US
Category Religion & Spirituality
Released Date 2011-09-05
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 171
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I Witness is a tell-all book about the authors family and how their family religion, Jehovahs Witness, destroyed and divided the family. The author, Paul J. Williams, delivers the shock-n-awe truths about the mental and emotional

abuse, pain, struggles, and pressure that his family experienced as Jehovahs Witness. In his book, I Witness, Paul shares his dramatic and controversial conversion from Jehovahs Witness to Christianity. Paul describes his escape

and the impact of leaving the Jehovahs Witness religion and changing faiths. This book provides true stories and life situations this family experienced as devout Jehovahs Witnesses and how the strict rules of the religion dismantled

the family and destroyed valuable family relationships. Paul talks about his Father, who died at a young age over the religions controversial policy against blood transfusions, and how losing his Dad at an early age has affected his life....


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