Reminiscences Ii PDF

Title Reminiscences Ii
Author J. Roy Guyther
Publisher Xlibris US
Category History
Released Date 2011-11-02
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 96
Total Downloads 35
Total Views 98
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This book has been written for the entertainment of the reader. It provides short stories, an essay and reminiscences of a full life of the author. Each story is based on fact, with some changes of presentation. There is no coherent connection between the stories except that each one was experienced by the writer.

Most of the narratives have been shared with members of the Patuxent Writers Group. I was asked why I did not write in the first person since the stories deal with personal experiences, however I prefer at times to use a pen name Ken Brown.

All one needs in order to write a book is a good memory. Life experiences provide the material



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