The Quiet Rich: Ordinary People Reawakening an American Dream PDF

Title The Quiet Rich: Ordinary People Reawakening an American Dream
Author Kevin J. Palmer
Publisher Balboa Press
Category Personal Growth
Released Date 2015-05-05
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 288
Total Downloads 39
Total Views 98
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Finally, a book about how average folks do above average things in order to achieve financial freedom. More than a “how-to” book, this is an “I can” book that illustrates how connecting behaviors that naturally exist within one’s personality makes it easier for anyone to unleash success. In this book, the author disrupts covetous schemes to instead reveal morally principled stories about what truly makes America great and how those understandings can equalize wealth injustices and improve the human condition!

After years of drilling down to what truly makes people successful, Wall Streeter, Behavioral Finance Researcher and Champion of Financial Justice, Kevin J. Palmer, has unlocked how a distinctive group of individuals he calls “The Quiet Rich” used a spiritual connection to their personalities to make cognitive decisions that created wealth. Palmer uncovers victorious interpretations from hundreds of study subjects whose activities translated into wealth, from a hitchhiker turned serial entrepreneur to a grandmother who made her fortune wisely investing cookie jar money. His less traveled path of underlying research has blended powerful lessons by correlating Secre...


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