Solana Del Mar PDF

Title Solana Del Mar
Author Steve Marsh
Publisher Xlibris US
Category General Fiction
Released Date 2014-04-24
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 375
Total Downloads 15
Total Views 130
0/5 (0 ratings)


Nothing leaves Solana but the hangover. The party starts at "high" noon in the island tropics of Beruba until Sander and MarJean stumble on a smuggling cartel led by an Anglo-Caribbean banker and a shadowy arms trader hiding somewhere on exotic Albacore Caye... Chaos erupts when a thieving monkey makes off with Sander's priceless gold doubloon, the key to an ancient Spanish hoard... While in hot pursuit, Sander's odyssey begins as the banker struggles to evacuate his beloved Solana del Mar in a flimsy scheme to grab Solana for his nefarious enterprise, assuring affordable and convenient accommodations for smugglers everywhere... If only a platoon of spooks can infiltrate a beach-rave gone berserk and liberate Solana del Mar on a remote island where deranged youth and Viagratic party hounds run on vapors in a wild, moonlit paradise... An offbeat, outrageous cast of supporting characters keeps this 'intoxicating' mystery thriller pulsing with new developments at every turn... Gripping, suspenseful, hilarious, sometimes reflecting a retro-chic bit of an Ian Fleming adventure, Solana del Mar is a magical Caribbean world with an exotic mix of international culture and ageless characters...


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