Suzanna PDF

Title Suzanna
Author Orion J. Holder
Publisher AuthorHouse
Category Classics General Fiction
Released Date 2014-04-30
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 321
Total Downloads 29
Total Views 83
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Suzanna returns home to teach school.This pleases her parents, and surprises them also, because she made the remark when she left for college that she would never return to her home town to live.

Suzanna and her friend Bill have been keeping in touch by letter, and this helped her change her mind about coming back home to stay. Also after being away from her best friend, Janet, she realized how much she had missed her. Janet has tried to convince Suzanna that she should settle down and get married. She told her that would be the only way she could find true happiness. Since Suzanna has been away Janet has had so many marriage problems, that Suzanna doesn't think Janet will be trying to talk her into marriage ever again.

Suzanna gets a job in Mr. Burns restaurant for the summer.This is when she meets Joy and Sue and they become the best of friends. It is an interesting summer for them, one they will never forget.

Suzanna's parents have kept a secret from her, and her mother finally finds the courage to tell her when she is on her death bed. After her mother passes her father hires a housekeeper, Emma Lou, and she becomes a mother figure to Suza...


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