Jab I Met . . . PDF

Title Jab I Met . . .
Author Sudhir Vinayak Joglekar
Publisher Partridge Publishing India
Category Short Stories
Released Date 2014-09-11
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 183
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Total Views 90
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Close encounters with multitudinous humankind would be an apt description for Sudhir Joglekars collection of stories, Jab I Met.

With quicksilver, self-deprecating wit and a sharp eye for human weakness, the author delineates several chance encounters he has experienced over various stages of his life. Joglekar weaves a rich tapestry of these meetings, ranging from legal skirmishes and student squabbles to friendly dialogues, from office debates and socio-political commentaries to bhaang-induced gabfests. Like the Bollywood movies which are frequently referenced, an undercurrent of joie de vivre flows through the mix of mirth, outrage, ambition, and melodrama which this seasoned road warrior presents. A book not to be missed for all those who want a glimpse into modern Indias triumphs and travails, its heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and extras....

Chapter List (45 chapters):


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