God’S Love Prevails: My Life PDF

Title God’S Love Prevails: My Life
Author Meg Long
Publisher AuthorHouse
Category Christianity
Released Date 2016-02-11
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 137
Total Downloads 14
Total Views 119
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The choices one makes in life are vitally important. Even if some of the choices turn out to be less than expected, we have the right and the choice to be happy. It is a matter of choosing life rather than death, and the Holy Scriptures state, Choose life for happiness for true peace.

In Gods Love Prevails, author Meg Long shares her story against the backdrop of the choices she made throughout her journey. Beginning with a review of her mothers strong influence, Long offers a chronological rendering of her own life beginning with her childhood, through schooling, her experiences at a convent, and into adulthood, the work world, marriage, and raising a family.

In this memoir, Long encourages all to appreciate life while she weaves anecdotes from her background into a tribute of Gods blessings. Emotional and powerfully spiritual, Gods Love Prevails offers the story of one person who was called to share Gods word and Gods life with the world in which she lived....


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