A Bird\'s-Eye View PDF

Title A Bird\'s-Eye View
Author Claudia Williams
Publisher AuthorHouse
Category Children's Animals
Released Date 2021-01-07
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 29
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Total Views 119
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This story book originated from the looks of my own backyard after being the ballpark to my first four grandsons in their pre and teen years. Not only my grands, but the neighborhood boys also. You see my house became the, spacious yard for baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and on occasion badminton. The balls and the birdie stayed readily available of course scattered on the ground.

Before their arrival I would relax by the backdoor and watch the birds in the huge oak tree singing, flying to the bird feeders, bathing in the bird bath. It is like they knew what time to come visit too. But that yard, was a sight to behold.

One day while sitting starring out the backdoor I started thinking. I know what I think, that is an awful sight. I just wondered, if I could see into the minds of those birds, what are they thinking?

The yard was home to them also? My animated, creative, imaginative mind went wild. The child in me was activated and there evolved.

“A Bird’s Eye View”

I sincerely hope to spread a little cheer and put a smile on as many young, animated, creative, imaginative minds, as possible.

You si...


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