Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad PDF

Title Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad
Author Michael J. Watts
Publisher Xlibris US
Category Adventurers & Explorers
Released Date 2014-04-07
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 67
Total Downloads 34
Total Views 97
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The court room door opened and his mother came over tearfully to

his cell door and whispered, They found him guilty. Good lord,

Mike said. How could they? It was incredible. Don was returned

and the court recessed. Their parents went to get them something to

eat and upon returning asked to be locked in with their boys. The

boys were really in a sweat now. They realized they could receive

up to a twenty year sentence for what they were found guilty of.

But no one could understand how they were found guilty. There just

wasnt any evidence....


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