Trapped PDF

Title Trapped
Author J. Reid
Publisher AuthorHouse
Category Short Stories
Released Date 2015-02-04
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 294
Total Downloads 6
Total Views 88
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Monique Hopewell is a girl finding her path towards womanhood. At nineteen, Monique is at the beginning of her life. She meets Deshawn, AKA Dae-Dae, a man who seduces her with flash and charm. Through Dae-Dae, Monique begins to forget about her past with Chink, a man who has never been able to treat her right. Into the mix is Papi, a weed dealer who seems to be drawn to Monique and forces her to think about life in the long-term versus the short-term. As time goes on, Monique starts to see Dae-Daes charm and flash comes at a huge price. Questions begin to appear in Moniques mind once she begins to see that everything that she thought was true was nothing but lies. Will Monique be able to escape unscathed or will she become trapped by it all?...

Chapter List (90 chapters):


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