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Title Clockwork Angel
Author Cassandra Clare
Publisher Margaret K. McElderry Books
Category YA Interest-Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural
Released Date 2010-08-30
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 621
Total Downloads 120,298
Total Views 481,280
4/5 (595 ratings)


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Aristide Leonides, head of the Leonides household, is found dead of barbiturate poisoning. Certain it's not an accident, suspicions turn to his cunningly beautiful widow, a woman 50 years his junior who is now set to inherit an impressive fortune. Her rumored affair with a strapping young tutor does little to convince anyone of her innocence, but criminologist Charles Hayward has reason to question the intentions of the entire Leonides family.

Set in a sprawling, dilapidated mansion in an affluent suburb, Crooked House is yet another classic mystery from acclaimed author Agatha Christie. One of the bestselling novelists of all time, and known around the world as the “Queen of Crime,” Christie described Crooked House as one of her personal favorites of her own published work.

With all of the charm and tragedy she's known for, Christie unravels a devastating family mystery that leaves readers in suspense, desperate for the next page and the next clue....


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Tess arrives in London expecting to meet her brother, Nate, and to start her new life. What she gets, though, is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters. A pair of warlocks, the Sisters torture Tess until she unlocks a power hidden inside her--the power to shapeshift. Not liking this at all, Tess is eventually able to escape when the young Shadowhunter Will Herondale finds and helps her. With no where else to go, Tess takes refuge with the Shadowhunters. They promise to help her find Nate if she uses her shapeshifting to help them save the world.Clockwork Angel is the first of the Infernal Devices trilogy, which is also the prequel to the Mortal Instruments trilogy. If you liked the MI, then you will like CA. The two are very similar in style and themes, CA is just in England and during the Victorian age. You also see some familiar family names and Magnus Bane is back! It's a fast, action-packed novel with a twist of a love triangle. I want the next one now! LOL Guess I'll console myself with MI 4 when it comes out in April.


Cassandra Clare seems to be a favourite among teens my age, and I admit that her first series, the Mortal Instruments, was a good read. Though it didn't seem to do anything new, it was a thrilling tale, at least in part. This book stands as a prequel to that series, and on a whole I don't think it does it justice. It doesn't really expand the world of the Shadowhunters, but rather discusses it in a Victorian setting.


This had a lot to live up too after reading City of Glass. The first half of Clockwork Angel just fell short for me. I just did not connect with the new characters like I was hoping I would. The first half was boring compared to the last book, and I was feeling disappointed. It did start to pick up towards the second half! Once it did, I started to understand why everyone loved this one too. I started to get to know the characters a little more, and the twists and turns started to come left and right. I ended up really enjoying it.Of course, I am going to continue with the series. I am hoping the Infernal Devices gets better though. I know most people loved it more than the Mortal Instruments so I am thinking it will!