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Title Weeds
Author Shirley J.
Publisher Xlibris US
Category Self-Improvement
Released Date 2015-04-06
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 78
Total Downloads 32
Total Views 85
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Are you a believer in Christ or a nonbeliever struggling with compulsive behavior or addictions, gender, race or ethnic identification, acceptance or rejection? Are you a lay person or clergy struggling with bible truths that seemingly exalt one gender or race while at the same time belittles others? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this book can help as you journey. Many scripture references are provided that addresses some, if not all of your concerns. This is not another how-to-book. The intent of this book is to ask others in the faith to accept each other as Christ has accepted us and to give Gods message to a lost and hurting generation. Each chapter begins and ends with scriptural truths to enlighten and encourage those struggling with: compulsive or addictive behavior, dependency agents, codependency, denial, isolation, or rejection. Many are stuck in their beliefs, history, traditions and lifestyle. Regrettably, many will die never knowing true freedom. This book offers reassurance for believers and nonbelievers that Emmanuel, God with us, can and will save us from ourselves and our bondage. Allow this book to help you learn of Him as you journey....


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