Grandma\'s Letters from Africa PDF

Title Grandma\'s Letters from Africa
Author Linda K. Thomas
Publisher iUniverse
Category Personal Memoirs Women's Biographies
Released Date 2010-02-04
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 457
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Linda Thomas expected that when she grew old, she'd be a quaint little grandmathe kind that sits in a rocking chair and knits blankets for new grandbabies. But God and her husband had other ideas: Africa! This is Linda's story of her first four years working in Africa as a missionary.

In this narrative, uniquely told through letters to her granddaughters, Linda shares how she stumbles into adventures most grandmas could not imaginea hippo charges her, a Maasai elder spits at her, and a baboon poops in her breakfast. As she faithfully answers Gods callingand its challengesshe recounts both hilarious and frightful incidents, joys and heartaches, answered prayers, and those God seemed to leave unanswered. While drinking tea from a pot cleaned with cows urine, suffering through an embarrassing breast exam, and narrowly escaping a carjacking by a murderer wielding an assault rifle, Linda falls in love with Africa, its people, and the work God presented her.

Grandmas Letters from Africa is a chronicle of Gods heart, His delightful creativity, and His amazing power to help those in need....

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