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Title 1984
Author George Orwell
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Released Date 1983-10-16
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 382
Total Downloads 249,047
Total Views 996,337
4/5 (936 ratings)


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Big brother is always watching the citizens of Oceania. A totalitarian all-seeing government has sought out to crush any spec of individuality that it can find, leaving citizens feeling desperate and hopeless. One such citizen is Winston Smith whose job is to rewrite historical documents to suit “The Party's” controlling agenda.

Winston spends his days dreaming of times past, when individuals held power over their own thoughts and destinies. He fears capture but finds courage with the help of his forbidden love Julia and joins The Brotherhood, an underground rebellion organization who hopes to take down The Party and their associates. But will determination be enough to break through the restraints of the regime?

Acclaimed novelist and literary critic George Orwell thoughtfully captures the viciousness of fascism and the dangers of censorship in this truly gripping novel. 1984 is a sensational commentary on the importance of individual freedom and democracy.

Big Brother is watching you, can you escape its all seeing eye?...


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what happens when we let truth slip away


Engsoz, Neusprech und Doppeldenk brauchen eines ganz sicher nicht: eine weitere laienhafte Rezension oder Interpretation des Romans. Was es aber dringend braucht: Dass möglichst viele in unserer Gesellschaft dieses Buch (wieder) zur Hand nehmen, um zu erkennen, wie aktuell die Thematik in der heutigen Zeit ist. Damit Krieg nicht Frieden, Freiheit nicht Sklaverei und Unwissenheit nicht Stärke wird.


never trust fear news