Spirit Songs, Images and Uttered Nonsense PDF

Title Spirit Songs, Images and Uttered Nonsense
Author J. S. T. Botting
Publisher AuthorHouse
Category Poetry
Released Date 2020-03-18
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 66
Total Downloads 9
Total Views 95
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A word from the Author

They are the notes to free the songs that lie deep within your soul.

They are the brush with which to paint images in your mind.

They are the voice to express the joyful fantasies and silliness of your inner child.

Words bring relief, greater understanding and joy into your life. They are the Spirit Songs, Images and Uttered Nonsense that you will find within these pages.

If you find that you can relate to any of the Spirit Songs, then my purpose has been served. That purpose was to give voice to those who have no voice of their own.

If you have a greater understanding of the subjects in Images, then that purpose, too, has been served.

If I have given you a giggle or two with Uttered Nonsense, then I am well pleased....


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