Bipolar Sagacity Volume 7 PDF

Title Bipolar Sagacity Volume 7
Author Thomas D. Sharts M.Ed
Publisher Xlibris US
Category Personal Growth
Released Date 2019-04-14
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 169
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Total Views 88
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Bipolar Sagacity Volume 7 continues with the theme of the first book, Bipolar Sagacity, and underscores the profound bipolar spiritual, psychological, and social struggles a person of introspection experiences as he/she travels throughout the stages of the adult life cycle. This life, both past and present, witnesses the fact that many people of astute perceptual skills, religious faith, and intellectual knowledge live lives of great contradictions—those bipolar experiences that challenge the very essence of sanity. Yet in truth, the commentary in this book—whether ruminations, lamentations, exhortations, questions, sayings or aphorisms—encapsulate what it means to be human as a cognizant and vibrant living adult, whether celebrated through supplications, acknowledgements of thanks, discovered truths or founded wisdom, or by experiencing all the human fallibilities and negative perceptions associated with powerful emotional states such as confusion, fear, anger, jealousy, etc....


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