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Chapter 35: Book Of Daniel Chapter II





49 verses


   While the second chapter of Daniel is part of the historical section of the book, nevertheless, it contains one of the most amazing prophecies. The prophecy found in this chapter is the foundation upon which all the other prophecies in Daniel are built.

   Daniel 2 begins with the Babylonian Empire and culminates in the return of Jesus Christ. All of the prophecies in Daniel cover the same basic outline; however, each subsequent prophecy adds significant details that were not included in the initial one. In other words, the rest of the prophecies expand what is initially covered in broad sweeps in Daniel 2. The focal point of each expansion is always on the end time. Thus, we have an accurate and somewhat detailed history of the world from Daniel’s day to the end of time.

   In (Daniel 2:1), it says Nebuchadnezzar “dreamed dreams”. The king then commanded his magicians, astrologers, and sorcerers to show the king his dream.


Note: These Babylonian wise men professed to be interpreters of dreams, thus the king was not making an unusual request. It was something that they were accustomed to doing.


   The problem is, the wise men of Babylon were totally discredited, because they were unable to reveal the king’s dream. In verse 5, the king says “The thing is gone from me”, because Nebuchadnezzar could not remember the dream. Because they could not interpret the dream, the king ordered all the wise men of Babylon to be destroyed/slain. This decree included Daniel, and in Daniel went to the king and requested time to interpret to dream.

   Daniel and his friends went to one source they knew that had the answer to the king’s dream—they went to pray to the God of Heaven.

   God reveals the dream to Daniel in a night vision, and Daniel blessed and praised God


Note: This is the essence of what the prophecy of Daniel 2 reveals. God is in control of the events of human history. The rise and fall of empires appear as if happening by the will of men, but Daniel 2 reveals to us very clearly that God is behind all human events.


   In (Daniel 2:24), Daniel requests the wise men of Babylon not be destroyed.

   None of the other wise men could reveal the dream. Only Daniel could. Yet Daniel does not claim credit, but gives the credit to the one who revealed the dream to him—the God in Heaven.

   In Daniel tells the king he saw great And in verses 32 and 33, Daniel describes the various elements that make up the image:


A) The Head of Gold

B) The Breast and Arms of Silver

C) The Belly and Thighs of Brass


D) The Legs of Iron

E) The Feet of Iron and Clay


   In verse 34, we see that a stone cut out “without hands”, smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces.


   Now, Nebuchadnezzar is obviously anxious and wondering what the dream meant.

   The best way to interpret the Bible, and the best way to interpret the prophecies, is to let the Bible, itself, explain the symbols.

   In verse 37, Daniel is describing the Head of Gold as Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom, The king was regarded as the head of the state.

   That is why Nebuchadnezzar represented Babylon, the empire that began the prophecy. Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom ruled the world from 606-538 B.C., as one of the mightiest empires ever, one that could aptly be described as the Head of Gold.

   The question here is, was Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom to last for- ever? The answer is

   Succeeding kingdoms would be inferior to Babylon, but they would rule in their turn. Babylon would not last forever, just as silver is inferior to gold, so the kingdom that followed Babylon was inferior to her. In 538 B.C., the kingdom of Medo-Persia came on the scene.

   Medo-Persia conquered Babylon and reduced it to ruins. They ruled from 538 B.C. to 331 B.C.

   In there was a third kingdom; after the Medo-Persia rule.

   The third kingdom was

   Even the Medo-Persia Kingdom would not last forever. Alexander the Great led the Greeks to conquer the Medes and the Persians in the Battle of Arbela in 331 B.C., and the Kingdom of Greece, the Brass Kingdom, came upon the scene.

   In the kingdom that followed Greece was the “Iron” monarchy of Rome, (Rome-Iron), which ruled the world from 168 B.C. to A.D. 476. This is the kingdom that dominated the world when Jesus was born.

   With unerring accuracy, Daniel has foretold world history for 1000 years. The rise and fall of these various empires—Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome—are clearly foretold in the Bible. God knows in advance what is going to happen. He is clearly in control of human events. Amazingly, God has foretold that there would be these four world empires and no more.

   In 2:41, we learn that Europe was then broken-up or divided after the Roman Empire, so that it was “partly strong and partly broken”.

   As prophesied, when the Roman Empire ended in A.D. 476, it was not taken over by another world kingdom. Instead, as the Bible so clearly foretold, barbarian tribes conquered the Roman Empire and divided it. Ten of these tribes eventually became modern Europe. They were: the Ostrogoths, the Visigoths, the Franks, the Vandals, the Suevi, the Alemanni, the Anglo-Saxons, the Heruli, the Lombards, and the Burgundians. Seven of them still exist today in Europe. For example, the Anglo-Saxons became the English, the Franks became the French, and the Lombards became the Italians. will tell the fascinating story of the power that destroyed three of these ten divisions.

   In (Daniel 2:43), it says “They shall mingle themselves with the seed of man”. This means that through marriage, alliance and other means, men would attempt to unite the European Continent once again. Men have tried to unite Europe throughout history. Charlemagne, Napleon, Mussolini, Hitler, and others have done their best to unite Europe, but the words of scripture in have stopped every would-be world ruler. Bible prophecy clearly states that the world will remain divided for the rest of history. Remember, God is in control of earthly In it says, “And in the days… . shall the God of Heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed”. God’s Kingdom, in, will break in pieces and consume all these other kingdoms. He will completely consume, destroy, and blow away all the kingdoms of the earth. The New Testament in says that God will create a new Heaven and earth.

   says God’s Kingdom will be everlasting.

   The scripture declares that when Jesus Christ returns to earth the second time, He will crush the kingdoms of earth and establish an everlasting kingdom that shall have no end. That’s the exciting news!!

   After hearing the interpretation of the dream, Nebuchadnezzar finally acknowledges that Daniel’s God is in control and above all the heathen gods of Babylon. “Your God is a God of Gods, and a Lord of Kings”.

   In verses 48, because of their faithfulness, Daniel and his friends are promoted to be some of the chief rulers in Babylon.