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Chapter 40: Study Of Daniel Chapter VII





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   In Daniel 5, we discovered that the Book of Revelation predicted the rise of a modern spiritual Babylon that would do some of the same things that ancient Babylon did. Spiritual Babylon would mix paganism with the worship of God and would persecute God’s people, who would refuse to accept this combination of paganism and christianity. Since the Bible has foretold that a false religious system would arise, every sincere christian should make certain that he tests every religious movement by the Bible and the Bible only. We cannot afford to trust what religious leaders may say, what well- meaning individuals may say, but we can trust the word of God only.

   In this lesson, we will be dealing with a very sensitive, yet im- portant and crucial subject. We will let the Bible identify for us this great apostate system that has mixed paganism and christianity together. It is only because of God’s great love and concern for us that He has warned us so explicitly about religious systems.

   Beginning in Chapter VII, verse 1-3, it tells of Daniel having a dream in the first year of Belshazzar, King of Babylon, reign. This was during the time that previous Chapter 5 took place, before Babylon fell to the Medo-Persians.

   In Daniel’s dream, Daniel sees four beasts coming up out of the

   Remember on our symbol chart that “sea” and “water” represents “people” or “nations”. verifies this again.


   Also, The four beasts represent kingdoms or


   Jumping ahead to “These great beasts, which are four, are four kings”.


Note: In Daniel 2, four kingdoms are represented by the various metals of a great image: the head of gold, (Babylon), the beast and arms of silver, (Medo-Persian), the belly and thighs of brass, (Greece); the legs of Iron (Rome), the feet part of iron and part of clay, (the ten divisions of the Roman Empire).


   Daniel 2 is the great outline prophecy of world events. Daniel 7 builds on what Daniel 2 has revealed, using different symbols to portray the same four empires, and adding details about the be- havior of each of these powers.

   *A new power, The Little is introduced in Daniel 7. Also, a symbol of a king or kingdom 7:17,


   In (Daniel 7:4), God chose the “Lion” to represent the kingdom of Babylon. It had eagle wings that were plucked.


Note: Just as gold, the choicest of metals, was chosen to represent Babylon, so the king of the beast, the lion, represents Babylon in Daniel 7. The prophecy begins where the prophet is living.


   Since Daniel lived in ancient Babylon, it is logical to begin the prophecy with Babylon.


   In we see two other animals: the bear, and the leopard.

   The bear represents the second world empire of Medo-Persia.

   “It raised itself up on one side”—this means that of the Medo-Persia Empire, Persia was the stronger of the two.

   The leopard had four wings of a fowl and four


Note: The four heads of the leopard represent the four divisions of the Grecian Empire at the death of Alexander The Great. Rather than one power taking over, the kingdom was divided among his four generals, Ptolemy, and who ruled over the kingdoms of Macedonia, and


   The fourth beast in represents pagan Rome, and is identified by having iron teeth.


Note: The similarity between the legs of iron in Daniel 2 and the iron teeth in Daniel 7, indicating that both the beast and the legs represent the iron monarchy of Rome. The fourth beast representing pagan Rome had ten horns which represented the ten divisions of the Roman Empire (for their identity, see Daniel 2).


   In it says that Daniel saw arising in the midst of the ten horns, “the little horn”.


Note: Here is a power not mentioned in Daniel 2. Daniel’s description of the work of the little horn is a new area not mentioned before.


   Let us now discover the identifying marks of the little horn.

   Here are the identification marks of the little horn:


A. He came up among the ten horns. (verse 8)

Note: The Roman Empire divided into ten parts by A.D. 476. Since the little horn emerges to greatness among these ten divisions, he would have to become a major power after the break-up of the Roman Empire. Thus, we should look for the rise of the little horn in western Europe after A.D. 476.

B. The little horn “plucked up” three of the horns. (verses 8, 20, 24)

Note: Since only seven of the original ten divisions of the Roman Empire are still in existence in Europe today, obviously the little horn power has already arisen in western Europe.

C. He had the eyes of a (verse 8)

Note: There is a man at the head of this power.

D. He had a mouth speaking great things against the most High. (verse 8, 25)

Note: This power would blaspheme God. Remember, Belshazzar blasphemed God when he mixed paganism with the worship of God. Obviously, this power would likewise blaspheme God by mixing paganism with the worship of God.

E. He made war with the saints. (verse 21,25)

Note: Just like ancient Babylon, the little horn would persecute those who disagreed with its presumptuous claims. It would attempt to destroy the saints of God.

F. He would think to change times and laws. (verse 25)

Note: Changing God’s law is unthinkable, and yet this great power would think that it could actually change God’s law.

G. It shall be given into his hand with a and the dividing (half) of time. (verse 25)

Note: 1 day = 1 year

            1260 Days = 1260 years


   Other Bibical expressions used to describe the time of the reign of the little horn:


a. Revelation 12:14 Time, times and half a time.

b. Revelation 13:5: Forty-two months.

c. Revelation 12:6: 1260 Days. (or years)


Note: This period is referred to in scriptures as a time, times and dividing of time; time, times and half a time; forty-two months; and 1260 days. Obviously, they all should equal the same time period. Forty-two months times 30 days in a month would equal 1260 days. A time would equal 360 days (the Jewish year), two times, 720 days (two years), and a half a time, 180 days (half a year), which totals 1260 days. Thus the little horn power would rule over the minds of men for 1260 days.


   Remember, in Bible time prophecy, a day equals one literal Year Thus the little horn power is to rule for 1260 literal years.




1260 Days = 42 Months = Time/Times/Half A Time

                                         42                                    360


                                        1260 Days                         

                                                                                1260 Days


   The Book of Revelation also reveals the little horn power under different symbolism. In fact the beast of Revelation 13 and the little horn of Daniel 7 refer to the same power.


   The identifying marks of the beast of Revelation 13 are:


A. The dragon gave him his power, his seat and great authority.

(verse 2)

Note: The dragon represents the devil

No matter what this power claims, the source of its authority and power is none other than satan himself.

B. One of his heads is wounded to death. (verse 3)

C. The deadly wound was and all the world worshipped after the beast. (verse 3)

Note: This power would receive a deadly wound, but amaz- ingly, it would recover and all the world would then follow this power.

D. They worshipped after the beast. (verse 4)

Note: This power is a power that receives worship of men.

It is therefore, a religious power and not a secular power.

E. He speaks great things and (verse 5,6)

Note: Like Daniel’s little horn, this power blasphemes God.

F. He cotinues forty-two (verse 5)

Note: This power reigns the same time that Daniel’s little horn reigns—1260 years.

G. He made war with the saints. (verse 7)

Note: Notice again the similarity to (Daniel 7:25):

“He… . shall wear out the saints.”

H. The whole world worshipped him. (verse 8)

I. His number equals 666. (verse 18).

Note: Just a quick glance at these identifying marks makes it very clear that Revelation 13 and Daniel 7 are talking about exactly the same power.


   Going back to we see what ultimately happens to the little horn power.

   “The judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end”.


Note: This modern spiritual Babylon will ultimately come under the judgment of God and will be destroyed. Daniel is very clear that this power will ultimately come to its end at the second coming of Christ. How important, then, that we not be deceived by this power.


   In the last verse of Daniel 7 Daniel, says that “My cogitations much troubled me”.


Note: Daniel was deeply disturbed by this Revelation. Likewise, you might be disturbed by the things revealed in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. Remember that everything written here has been written with love. God does not want anyone to be deceived by this great delusion that has taken the whole world captive. That’s why in mercy he has sent the warnings of Revelation 13 and Daniel 7.