I Am

Chapter 55: Review On Paul And His First Journey




   In our first lesson, we found out Paul was actually born as “Saul” to both Jewish parents and Roman citizens. In Paul identfies himself as a Jew from Tarsus. Paul was very zealous in his faith and because of this, it led him down the path of religious extremism, to the extent of persecuting christians. He was dedicated to the persecution of the Jews.

   However, God had other plans for Saul. Jesus appeared to Saul in a bright light and Saul responded in obedience to Jesus. The bright light blinded Saul and his sight was later restored when he reached Damascus. From that moment, Saul was saved and he was then known as “Paul” and began preaching about Jesus

   We learned Paul wrote at least 13 letters, which are included in the New Testament, and if you count Hebrews, it would be 14 of the 27 books of the New Testament.

   Paul began his first journey from Antioch with the Apostles Barnabas and John.

   On their first journey, John leaves Paul and Barnabas and returns home.

   Later Paul and Barnabas are thrown out of Antioch in Pisidia (not the Antiioch in Syria).