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Chapter 59: Who Was Michael?




   Michael the Archangel is likely the head of all the Holy Angels and his name means “who is like unto God” 10:21,

   Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer are the only three angels mentioned by name in the Bible.

   Gabriel is one of the principal messengers of God, his name meaning “Hero of God”, and was entrusted with important messages, such as those delivered to Daniel

   The word “Archangel” comes from a Greek word meaning “Chief Angel”. It refers to an angel who seems to be the leader of other angels.

   verse uses the definite article “The Archangel Michael”, which could indicate that Michael is the only archangel. However, describes Michael as “one of the Chief Princes”. This possibly indicates that there is more than one archangel, because it places Michael on the same level as the other “Chief Princes”. So, while it is possible that there are multiple archangels, it is best not to presume upon the word of God by declaring other angels as archangels. describes Michael the Archangel as “Your Prince” and identifies Michael as “The Great Prince” who protects. Even if there are multiple archangels, it seems Michael is the chief among them.

   Gabriel is not called an archangel in the Bible, (God’s special messenger), but, because he stands in the presence of God, he is called an archangel by tradition.